Automatic and compact Folder Gluer for Carton and Corrugated
Developed and produced in Sweden


  • Straight line, lock bottom and front folded boxes  and envelopes
  • Automatic feeder för blanks up to 1000 mm width
  •  Corrugated blanks upp to 2 meters unfolded width can be glued as straight line.
  • Timed feeder for start/stop of feeder and controlled distance between blanks
  • Side alignment of blanks after feeder on left or right side.
  • Belt folding on left and right side
  • Front folding pocket for enevlopes or other front folded boxes
  • Hotmelt system with 1-4 hot melt applicators
  • Upper belt carrier can be easiluyt shifted to desired position
  • Shingling stacker with upper press belt (-s).

Aragluer 1000 can be equipped for different basic tasks;

– semi automatic hot melt gluer for up to 2 m wide blanks to be manually folded to max. 1 m folded.
A stainless rail holds the upper flap so glue can be applied on the glue flap.

– automatic folder gluer for Carton and Corrugated

basic machine for the  ARATAPER, automatic applicator for double sided fingerlift tape and tear strips.
1-4 applicators can be used simultaneously.

The Aragluer 1000 is easy to set up and run.
Touch screen operation with memory function
High capacity despite small foot print.

Sheet width: 50- 1000 mm (- 2000 mm if manually folded at feeder)
Sheet length: 50 – 1000 mm (or “unlimited” if manually assisted feeding and delivery.
Speeds: up to 80 m/min


Do you want to know more about Arataper, our own applicator for double sided tapes? Goto Arataper website!