Aragluer with Arataper

Aragluer with Arataper

Automatic and compact Folder Gluer for Carton and Corrugated

Developed and produced in Sweden

  • Straight line, lock bottom and front folded boxes  and envelopes
  • Automatic feeder for blanks up to 950 mm width
  • Corrugated blanks up to 2 meters unfolded width can be glued as straight line.
  • Friction or Timed feeder for start/stop of feeder and controlled distance between blanks
  • Belt folding on left and right side
  • Front folding pocket for envelopes or other front folded boxes (option)
  • Hotmelt system with 1-4 hot melt applicators
  • Outfeed conveyor
  • Wifi connection for remote control, upgrades and monitoring. Possibility to add cameras for live check.

Aragluer 1000 can be equipped for different basic tasks;

– semi automatic hot melt gluer for up to 2 m wide blanks to be manually folded to max. 1 m folded.
A stainless rail holds the upper flap so glue can be applied on the glue flap.

– automatic folder gluer for Carton and Corrugated

basic machine for the  ARATAPER, with automatic applicator for double sided fingerlift tape and tear strips.
1-4 applicators can be used simultaneously.

The Aragluer 1000 is easy to set up and run.
Touch screen operation with memory function

High capacity despite small foot print with automatic feeder in friction or timed mode.

Watch the side alignment of short boxes/blanks:

Possibility to run backwards at set up


The Aragluer serves as a base machine for the automatic applicators, Arataper, of double sided finger lift tapes and tear strips.


Sheet width: 50- 950 mm in automatic mode ( approx sheet width 2 000 mm if manually folded at feeder)
Sheet length: 50 – 1000 mm (or “unlimited” if manually assisted feeding and delivery.
Speeds: up to 60 m/min (other speeds on request). Pls note, that the hot melt glue need a certain time to cool off and bond.


Do you want to know more about Arataper, our own applicator for double sided tapes? Goto Arataper website!