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  • Roland 607 +LW year 1991

July 2022

We sold one Roland 607 +LW year 1991 to Egypt    

  • Amazing Stockholm

June 2022

Amazing Stockholm Watch all the Ships  

  • Arataper delivery

May 2022

Arataper delivery We loaded our Arataper with servodriven unwind to a Swedish customer.  

July 2019

Loading of Kirby printer for Poland and an overhauled Lamina 1114 for Moldova.            

June 2019

One Lamina 1114 Fa unloaded for overhaul            

March 2019

We sold one Rabolini 140 cm with feeder to Italy            

  • Georgia on my forks

April 2019

  We sold 2 Bobst AV3 and one Atlas hand platen            

September 2018

  We sold one Kohmann window patcher to the Baltic States            

November 2018

  We loaded one Yong Shin 23 tonnes die cutter. Watch it.            

December 2018

  Duran Machinery and KBA joins forces in the sales of folder gluers. Youir local representative, Arapak,  remains as before as your Contact. Read about it.