ARAPAK represents Liqui-Tec (earlier name “Gluertec”) in the Nordic countries and the Baltic States.

Liqui-Tec is an American company with long experience from the demanding market for aseptic liquid packaging.

The machines are all designed by Liqui-tec and produced in cooperation with Duran Machinery.

Phoenix Flame Sealer – for 250 ml to 5 litres packages.
Complete with double side register and skiving and hemming is it suitable for aseptic packages for eg juice or long life milk.
Top speed >600 m/min.


Side register for accuracy


Touch sceen control of all parameters

Liquitec apex skiver 1

Apex skiver from Liqui-tec- accurate and less maintenance

SealPro 130 panorama

Omega Seal Pro 130 – specialty machine who works both as flame sealer and as folder gluer
Watch it run!