EREO high pressure system kERO LP4
Jet Glue system with high or low pressure pump.

ARAPAK represents ERO Gluing Systems from Italy.

ERO is well known for their high quality systems combined with affordable prices.

They produce jet glue systems folding gluing machines in the Carton, Paper and Corrugated industry.

Quality control systems including high resolution Glue Cameras and Colour Code readers.

All integrated into the folder gluers.

Glue station for the Corrugated industry in combination with glue cameras.

ERO Flap check

Camera Flap control

ERO Code reader

Colour Code Reader

ERO code reader at glue flap

Colour Code Reader at (included) glue flap prebreaker

ER Hotmelt gun   ERO hot melt gun – small but high performance

ERO narrow gun for paper and low viscosity glue
Small cold glue gun where space is tight, uses lower viscosity glue

Ero HP glue station

Glue Station for Corrugated
Watch a video of system on Sipack Inline

ERO glue camera for corrugated

ERO Glue Camera behind covers for Corrugated